Career21's Typing Championship 2023 only for students

The Typing Speed Championship Contest is a skill-based typing contest, presented by Career21 and sponsored by, Swift Green Filters only for Students. In this contest, eligible candidates will compete by taking on multiple rounds. The purpose of the competition is to identify and reward the fastest typist among all candidates.

Job Placement

Top 10 candidates will be provided the Job Placement

Tons of Cool Prizes

The candidates with the best typing skills will be rewarded with grand prizes. Winner will get a prize of Rs 100000.

Appreciation Certificates

Top 50 candidates will be given an appreciation certificate for their outstanding efforts.

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Showcase your Typing Skills

Showcase your skills and get tons of opportunities.

Dare to Dream Big

IF you dare to dream big then enroll today and start typing, it can lead you to success.

Write Your Own Success Story:

Write your own success story by winning this typing competition with your typing skills.



More Prizes

10 Jobs

10 Jobs

Top 10 candidates will get a job.

50 Appreciations

50 Appreciations

Top 50 candidates will get an appreciation certificate.

Monthly Winners

Monthly Winners

Work hard and get awards every month.

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What prizes will be awarded to the winners?

Who will get the Job Placement?

Where will the winners get job placement?

Is the registration fees refundable?

How does Career21 calculate the score/points in the Typing Speed Championship?

How does Career21 calculate WPM?

How does Carrer21 calculate accuracy?

Can I re-enroll in the Typing Speed Competition?