What will you be able to do

Here are just a few things which you'll be able to do with this career path.

Manual Testing

Testing an application for potential use cases with the fewest possible test cases

Automated Testing

Creating automation testing frameworks and writing test scripts

Complex Code Analysis

Splitting a complex system into smaller chunks to get a comprehensive understanding of the code

Specialize In

Tools that you’ll specialize

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What will you learn?

What does this Software Testing Course include?

Techniques for Whitebox & Blackbox testing, Unit Testing, Producing Bug/Defect Reports, Testing Vocabulary etc.

Why should you choose a Software Testing Course?

Understand the advantages of a Career in Software Testing.

Black-box and White-box Testing

Understanding the Black-box and White-box testing techniques.

Manual Testing

Learn the fundamental principles and processes of manual testing.

+ 2 more lessons