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Career21 can act as the external supplier for the management of training processes for your company. We know how important training is to boost the overall performance of employees. We provide employees effective and engaging training. As technology is advancing and workplace strategies are improving, there is an increasing need for employers and employees to align with these changes in terms of knowledge, skills, values, and abilities. Training is the best way to enhance knowledge and skills of employees. When employees are trained as per the requirements of the industry, it helps in improving the performance of the employees and companies to achieve the desired goals.


Why to Partner with Career21?

Career21 brings up training services for companies. We take the requirements from the companies and train the employees as per these requirements./Students are trained based on the requirements supplied by the employers/company./In order to train the students, we take the company’s requirements into account./We train students based on the requirements of the companies. Here we explain the importance of training from Career 21 and provide a list of potential reasons to choose us.

To reduce training cost

Training from Career21 allows you to control costs. It is one of the biggest reasons you can opt for our training services. It allows you to pay only for the services you need and avoid making large investments in setting up the infrastructure, software, and personnel. Apart from this, you need not hire experts full-time for training. Whenever you need staff, you just need to contact us and share your requirements. We will provide you with trained employees. We have both the talent and the tools in place to deliver your training services quickly at a low cost.

To get smooth access to talent

Another benefit of opting for training services from Career21 is that it gives you access to training experts. Our trainers are highly experienced professionals who specialize in all areas related to corporate training. Our trainers fully focus on training and creating strategies full time so your organization can focus on your core objectives.

To increase the performance of employees

The quality of the content that Career21 provides is another notable benefit. We have a large team of experts and the top-notch required tools for training. Apart from this, we have a deep understanding of the industry. It allows us to deliver modern, high-quality training services. Our trainers with a high level of expertise ensures you are always getting the quality employees.

To reduce the risk of failure

If you fail to train your employees on upgraded software, you risk losing the benefits the upgrade was meant to provide. Our experts that are specialized in training help reduce such failures cost and risk.

To reduce the workload:

Providing training to your new staff increases your workload. It can take a longer period of time to train your new staff with an in-house team. At the same time you can not fully focus on the core business objectives. It increases the workload of the company without any doubt. In such a scenario, Career21 can effectively reduce the workload of your company. We have a dedicated team of training professionals who can dramatically speed up implementation of the training and manage your workload.

To get trained from the industry experts

Career21 is a hub of industry expert trainers. Our trainers are educated at top universities such as NIT India, IIM India, IIT India, UBC Canada, BCIT Canada, and Harvard University USA. All of them have great experience in their respective fields. You can opt for our training services to train your staff with these industry experts.

To save time in hiring process

Hiring an in-house trainer can take 10 days on an average, but sometimes it can take up to 20 days. We have a diverse range of trainers for diverse industries. You need not to waste time hiring in-house trainers, you just need to contact us.