Career21’s Tips to Increase Typing Speed

Typing is one of the required essential office skills. This skill is employed in almost every career path. This is a skill that you should definitely spend some time improving. Being a slow typist means lesser productivity. To become proficient in your job, it is important to improve your typing speed and accuracy. If you are a fast and accurate typist, you will be able to produce better work with fewer errors. Career21 knows the importance of fast and accurate typing and hence providing some vital tips to increase typing speed.

Follow Career21's tips to improve typing speed and accuracy

You can manage to pull your speed up from below average to excellent in just a few months. You just need to follow the following tips and you will see a huge change in your typing speed and accuracy.

Learn correct body position:

Ensure your back is well supported: Choosing a chair that provides proper support for back is important when typing. A chair with a slightly curved backrest helps maintain the normal curvature of your spine. If you are using a chair that has an in-built cushion at the bottom of the backrest, your lower back will get proper support. In case your chair doesn't have a built-in cushion, you can use a small pillow for additional support.

Keep your neck and shoulders relaxed:

You need to make sure to keep your shoulders and neck relaxed when you sit in your chair for typing. Sitting back against the chair's backrest helps support both your neck and shoulders. This way you need not put stress on your neck and shoulders.

Position elbows close to your sides:

You need to check if you are positioning your elbows well tucked into your sides or not. You can use a chair that has adjustable armrests. This will help you to comfortably keep your elbows close to your sides.

Keep your feet flat on the floor:

After settling well in your chair, you need to place your both feet flat on the floor. It supports your lower body properly. If you keep your legs crossed or folding, it won't be easy to maintain proper posture.

Do not rest your wrists or palms on the desk:

If you don't rest your wrists or palms on the desk or other surface where your keyboard is, you'll be able to type more quickly and accurately. Keeping them elevated avoids any discomfort. For better comfort and performance you should keep your wrist and forearm slightly bent to level with the keyboard.

Keep your keyboard just above the lap level for better and more effective typing.

Keep your keyboard just above the lap level for better and more effective typing.

Keep Focus on your screen:

Typing while focusing on the screen, significantly helps you to improve the accuracy. When your all focus is on the material that you type, you identify and correct these errors easily as they occur. This way, end results are always more accurate results. If you start typing with your two fingers, your attention gets divided and the typing speed slows down.

Proper hand & finger position:

Every one of you may have a rough idea of where the keys are located on the keyboard, but to boost the typing skills you have to do it without looking at the keys. If you learn to type with your hands in the proper position, your fingers will be able to reach multiple keys much faster and you will be able to type much faster. For this, your hands and fingers should be positioned correctly. Using your left-hand, place your fingers over the A, S, D & F keys. And then using your right-hand, place your fingers over the J, K, L, & ;. And place your thumbs resting on the space bar.

Aim for accuracy over speed:

Keep in mind that accuracy is just as important as speed. When people start learning typing, they try to type words as quickly as possible. This is not the right way. If you type quickly but there are dozens of errors, it takes a lot of time to fix it compared to the accurate typing time. First you need to get comfortable with the keyboard and make sure you're typing correctly. You will get confidence and a mental boost when you get comfortable with the keyboard and type accurately. It will help you to type faster later without even thinking about it.

Take online typing tests:

You can take the online test on the typing application of Career21. Here you get all the statistics of your typing performance. You can enhance your typing skills by giving regular online typing tests here. Career21 provides monthly rewards to the candidates who actively take online typing tests and practice hard on Career21’s typing application.

Set specific goals:

Everyone, from professional athletes to business managers to politicians, tends to set clear and specific goals for themselves. If you want to increase your typing speed and are not setting your goal then you are making a blunder. You need to set up specific goals and then prepare yourself accordingly. You should set both short term and long term goals. Having a clear picture of what you aim for will help you focus on your typing lessons.


No one achieves mastery overnight. One of the most important tips to increase typing speed is practice on a regular basis. You should practice typing sample passages over and over again to improve your speed and accuracy. Apart from this you can practice typing the phrase “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” This phrase contains all the alphabets. When you practice typing this phrase again and again, you memorize the position of every letter on the keyboard. This trick will definitely help you type faster.

Other useful typing tips:

  • Your body should be centered on the spacebar.
  • Avoid hunt-and-peck typing, which causes neck strain from looking down at the keyboard constantly.
  • Don't press the keys with more force than necessary. If you hit the keys hard, it can damage the keyboard.
  • Make sure to take regular breaks from typing.
  • Rest your hands and arms when you're not typing.

If you are a student then boosting your typing skills will not only make your student life a lot easier but will also help you in making your future career effortless. Follow the discussed tips to increase typing speed. You may not see the improvement at the beginning but with a lot of practice, you will be typing like an expert. Practice while following the discussed typing tips, you are sure to master typing skills. Websites like Career21 offer a free platform to improve typing skills. By regularly practicing on this platform, you can definitely improve your typing speed and accuracy.

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